Disability products for elderly
EasyPull an innovative product to aid the elderly, disabled and infirmed around the home in everyday living. Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Great Britain, the Easy Solution range will assist independence around the home for people with living difficulties.

Designed for people who have difficultly in removing and inserting 13 amp plugs



Easy Pull

Perfect for arthritic or weak grip


Easy to assemble and use


Fits All standard 13 amp plug tops


No cutting or rewiring of lead


No tools required - fitted in seconds


British Manufacture

Do you have a problem removing or inserting plugs fitted to electrical appliances?
If so EasyPull will make life easier.

EasyPull Prices

UK Carriage
1 Twin Pack
2 Twin Pack
3 Twin Pack
Carriage UK only and Payment in £GBP
EasyPull Pack
Blister pack contains two EasyPull's with free base
The EasyPull™ has been developed to aid the removal and insertion of standard 13amp plugs fitted to most electrical appliances.
The EasyPull™ can be fitted in seconds and requires no tools, rewiring or special skill. .
The EasyPull™ simply fits over all standard British 13amp plugs, giving a strong, secure and easy to grip moulded handle.
No Need to cut off the existing moulded plug and rewire Easy Solutions use EasyPull™.
Ideal for people with weak grip, arthritis or disability.
Fit to all house- hold electrical appliances, but especially useful when used on portable equipment e.g. Vacuum Cleaner, Iron, Toaster, Power tool, CD/Radio TV, where the Easy removal of the plug is required.
Supplied with Easy to follow pictorial instructions

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