EasyPull Plug Aid

Disability products for elderly

The EasyPull has been developed to aid the removal and insertion of standard 13amp plugs fitted to most electrical appliances.

  • The EasyPull can be fitted in seconds and requires no tools, rewiring or special skill.
  • The EasyPull simply fits over all standard British 13amp plugs, giving a strong, secure and easy to grip 4 finger moulded handle.

  • No need to cut off the existing moulded plug and rewire – Easy Solutions – use Easy Pull
  • Ideal for people with weak grip, arthritis, or disability.
  EasyPull Plug Remover


EasySock Sock Aid
Disability products for elderly

The EasySock has been designed for people who have difficulty in bending to put on their socks.

Its robust design and ease of use makes it an essential aid to dressing.

The sock is slid over the former and using the elongated semi-rigid handle the EasySock is placed on the floor.

The foot is placed on top of the EasySock and inserted into the opening. Using the handle grip the EasySock is pulled until the sock is in the correct position.

The EasySock can be folded neatly away after use and easily fits in your suitcase when traveling.

  EasySock Sock Aid